Twitter has implied a new feature that can prove to be extremely valuable for advertisers. It is a brand-new video feature. Marketers can now use this to enhance their brand impressions and attract new audiences. Basically, Twitter has incorporated video elements to make the platform much more integrated into value-added entertainment.

New additions for video streaming on Twitter

Let us look at all the freshly added elements that can potentially be of practical value to advertisers. To begin with, Twitter announced its picture-in-picture viewing mode. This feature allows users to play Twitter videos even outside of the confines of the application. Therefore, users can watch content from Twitter while using any other application. The feature is quite similar to those rolled out earlier by YouTube on ipads and iPhones. Twitter has also enhanced its explore tab and added more video suggestions to it. Another element includes the addition of an improved screen-mirroring option. This allows users to watch Twitter content on a bigger screen.

The latest additions have targeted new users, many influencers, and celebrities to join the platform. Following the path of other social platforms, Twitter has introduced another major new addition to the platform. It is the ability for some users to upload long-form content on the app. People can now upload videos up to two hours long. However, this feature is only available to those who are holders of Twitter’s blue star subscription. This is a great new move to attract even more creators to use the platform and publish content. This has also opened doors to new monetization opportunities for them. Finally, these changes are focused on making Twitter a brand-new platform for user entertainment and a destination for marketers to gain profit.

How advertisers can benefit from these changes?

The changes in the app are a potential new way to gain traction in new ways. It has opened many new opportunities for advertisers to attain popularity and reap the benefits. It can prove to be a great new source of revenue. With the new features, the app is set to give advertisers wonderful chances to generate financial and social revenue.

Some of the most useful benefits gained from this would be increased chances of discovery in the video feed and getting suggested through the explore tab. The long-form content can be used to hook the audience on the brand. Apart from this, various video campaigns can be the way to go in many cases to reach the desired engagement.

Twitter is surely following the path of other social media platforms to stay relevant and gain more users. With the changing policies and platform usage, it is important for advertisers to keep pace with it. They must mold their marketing plans to grow a brand efficiently.


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