As the name implies, Fandrum refers to a person, while drum refers to the influencer. As a result, Fandrum is the influencer. Today, content is in the driver’s seat. Consumption of content is no more a passive activity carried out in the living room. It is a personal decision that each individual makes. Content brings people together. As a result, the concept of a social media platform centred on fans or content was born. Fans determine the meaning, longevity, and virality of information. And content becomes part of popular culture when fans embrace it. As a result, fans are at the centre of Fandrum’s content universe.

Co-Founder of Fndrum, Samridhi Katyal has her say”

Samridhi Katyal, the co-founder of Fandrum, spoke with exchange4media about the company’s concept and motivation. Fandrum is a platform that is built around fans and associated information. She said, “Fandrum is our effort to connect fans around the world. Fandrum stands for fan identity. What makes it special are the fans themselves. In this world torn around everything, this platform endeavours to be a happy place where people connect around movies, TV shows and artists. It makes them feel happy and special.”

Fandrum is our attempt to bring fans from all over the world together. Fandrum denotes fans’ identity. The fans themselves are what makes it unique. This platform aspires to be a pleasant spot where people interact over movies, TV shows, and artists in a world torn apart by everything. It helps them feel special and pleased.

A platform with patented fan features that allow fans to shout out loud who and why they are fans of across all devices. A group of like-minded people in their happy circles, each pulling for and investing emotionally in their favourite teams.

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