What is IGTV ?
IGTV stands for ‘Instagram Television’ so this a new feature of Instagram where you can show your videos just the way Television shows. Previously, people were unable to post long videos as stories has limits. But now you can easily upload your long videos on IGTV. People also post their blogs or vines on IGTV to grab the instagram users attention. Instagram has evolved a really useful feature which has grown Instagram vastly. Bloggers are really happy with the feature, now they have a new feature other than making live videos. Moreover, IGTV is also an entertaining feature for all the bored users or bloggers.
www.ytviews.com have also added a new feature where you can also buy views for your IGTV where you can buy the views permanently. These viewers are 100% real and with real views grabbed from other blogs or articles.
IGTV brings a new short form to get closer to your followers and interact with them even more. Also through using new feature you will make your good and modern image in front of your followers. If you are a blogger you should know well about using all the new features, this increase many chances to interact with new audience.
Are these Safe IGTV views ?
Yes ofcourse we promise to give you real viewers as we give for instagram posts. These are organic views and do not worry about quality of the viewers. All of them will be active users.
How IGTV helps you gain more views and interaction with people ?
Since its a new feature but took a very less time to get famous as people or bloggers were waiting for something new and now that they have got a feature where they can publish their long stories, this made Instagram more interesting and people found new way get connected with their followers.
Also through IGTV videos you can also upload your dance and music videos.
This is how IGTV is helpful for all the bloggers.

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