Basically twitter is a platform where you can start a conversation about any topic including politics. You need to be creative and knowledgeable when writing on twitter because its a very vast social media which has great networks. But many times people come with an issue that they are loosing their Twitter followers which is declining their growth rate. So, here are some reasons of loosing your followers which you can overcome with and maintain a consistency of your followers. So, the reasons are as follows :-

1. If a stranger started following you until you are not a big/known personality and you didn’t follow them back, this makes difference in follower mind and he use a third party tool to unfollow you. It’s better you follow them back and later can unfollow them.
2. Always find a content or share the tweet according to your followers to make their constant interest and trust on your blog. Once they loose interest in your tweets, they will surely unfollow you.
3. Be constant with your tweets. If you have not uploaded or share tweets long in a week then also you can loose your followers. You need to be constant and regular with your post so you can remind of yourself to your followers and also to grab their attention regularly. Taking long breaks may result into declination of your page and your followers.
4. Don’t use more promotion links or URL links in your tweets, this may create a bad impression. Instead, you should write an d discuss something fresh. Posting many promotion links may annoy your audience and they may unfollow or block you.
5. Do not use low quality website when buying followers, always go for a trusted website and it should not be cheap in price as low quality websites provide followers for a limited time, after a certain period followers may unfollow your account. So, always buy the followers from a good website which is trust worthy and gives you real followers.
6. Use Hashtags :- Hashtags are really powerful, since hashtags are more used for instagram posts but you can also use for twitter in between your conversations to make it more attractive and gain the attention. Mainly, hashtags make your post popular and through hashtags you can reach your target audience so always use relatable hashtags and the popular ones in order to increase your followers and reach your target audience.

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