Opinion leaders are crucial in today’s globalised markets because they influence consumers’ decisions to buy products. Opinion leaders have a direct or indirect influence on consumers’ opinions and decisions due to their unique abilities, specialised knowledge, or personalities. This position is now played by influencers in social media-based globalised marketing since they have a large impact on consumer trends in demand for certain items by influencing customers’ views, attitudes, and behaviours. Influencer marketing, a particular kind of social media marketing, has grown in popularity over the past several years.

The $20 billion industry of influencer marketing began on YouTube in 2011 when the social media video behemoth took the choice to increase the number of high-end advertisers and the calibre of its content. Executives at YouTube were encouraged by this to look for a group of individuals who were increasingly drawing sizable audiences to the social network. These users later were referred to be “YouTube stars,” which marked the beginning of the influencer marketing industry. Technology and Automation Initiative, becoming one of the first users on a new social media site is still a crucial step to being a successful influencer.

Earning on social media

Influencers on social media can earn money by promoting sponsored content, acting as brand representatives, or taking a cut of website advertising. However, it’s not as simple as it seems. Anyone interested in doing this as a full-time job or career could probably experiment with it, take it up as a serious pastime, or perhaps try doing it part-time for a while to determine whether they have what it takes or whether it offers the lifestyle they are seeking.

Being among the first users of a new social media platform is still a crucial step in becoming a successful influencer in today’s market, according to Koen Pauwels, distinguished professor of marketing at Northeastern and co-director of the Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation Initiative. Long before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok joined YouTube in the influencer space, the same approach still applies today. It’s better if there are fewer people who do what you do.

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