These days customers are no longer finding any interest in traditional marketing campaigns and so advertising team must think out of the box. Successful promotion no longer only involves disrupting the audience’s reaction and dragging them to the website. It is important to find customers, irrespective of where they are and provide them the kind of value that would make them want to follow the particular brand. Quora provide the perfect platform for such marketing as brands demonstrate value by answering in detail the audience questions. The mission on Quora should be to answer questions meaningfully rather than posting an advertising message to as many people as possible.



The first step is to understand the nuances of this platform’s community and here’s how we start.


Create a great bio

The most essential aspect in building a great social media presence is to create a great profile. But the unique feature of Quora in this regard is that profiles can be created in most cases for individuals rather than brands. So identifying the person, who is going to represent the brand and post answers on behalf of the brand on Quora is crucial. Quora shows the first fifty characters of the profile as a tagline above each answers posted and thus it is a good idea to include the name of the company, to make the audience aware of where the person comes from. The bio can also consist of clickable links and it helps in driving traffic back to the brands’ website-based resources. If the brand focuses on multiple niches, then topic-specific bios should be created. Next to each chosen topic, one can describe the experience he/she possess in that area. It act as a proof of knowledge in that particular field.



The rest of the profile can be filled by the areas of interest, a detailed decsription about the author of the profile in the ‘About Me’ section, employment and educational credentials, location of the cities visited regularly and an eye-catching and clear profile picture. A complete profile helps to get found on Quora and makes the author seem credible when he/she answers.


Track relevant topics

Quora is the best platform to conduct research for marketing. Industrial topics that are being discussed can be learned about, topics can be tracked and have questions sent to the inbox. The topic that one is looking to follow need to type the keyword in Quora search box. Then it provides a list of autocompleted topic suggestions to explore.

Hit the ‘Follow’ button to start following a topic. The email notifications must also be set up correctly in order to get alerts. Visit the ‘Settings’ option and click on ‘Emails and Notifications’. A person can choose the frequency and the types of emails he/she wants to receive from Quora.


Find the right questions

An essential part of learning the use of Quora is to know the questions that should be answered. There are millions of queries floating on the platform, but not all deliver value for the business. The aim should be to make the people realize that the author is an expert in a specific area. The easiest way to find the relevant topics, is to type the keyword into the query box and select ‘Search’. When all the related questions are on the screen, filter the queries from the last month or so, as the focus should be on relevant topics to obtain visibility and add a voice to new discussions. Besides answering new questions, topics that fit the business and threads with a lot of upvotes should be answered.


Answers must reflect authority and passion

Once the relevant questions are identified, it is important to make sure that the answers stand out. An insightful response would comprise of links to relevant content of blogs, case studies and statistics. Passion must be reflected in the response and there should be no fear to let the brand’s unique voice to shine through. If younger audiences are the target, author can also use Quora’s version of emojis. One of the easiest ways to construct a fanstatic answer is to pull snippets from the content already created before. Highlight a crucial quote from a recent article and deep dive into it and complete with a link back to the original site. Images can also be added to an answer in the form of graphs and charts, as it is an effective way to grab the attention of the readers.


Connect with other users

Quora is not only a search engine but also a social media platform. So while using the platform for marketing, one must not forget to engage with potential leads and customers. Like other social media platforms, Quora allows users to communicate directly with other people. It is a great way to create an enriching relationship with customers.

People can be found to connect with by tracking the top answers and followers of relevant topics, creating and contributing to boards that cover topics from the relevant industry and sharing content outside of the platform that links back to the solution in Quora.


Constant review of analytics

Having a strong presence in Quora helps in forming credibility and thought leadership. The more answers a person furnishes, the more reputation he/she gains. But it is also important to understand the impact one’s effort is having on the platform. On the Quora page, one can review all of the analytics for the questions that has been answered by him/her. From number of viewers to number of upvotes, all can be seen through the analytics. By adding tracking link to the answers, one can get a way to measure the number of valuable click-throughs one is getting.

The analytics help you in concluding the type of questions adding the most value to the brand and in away makes it easy to determine where it should be sharing its knowledge in the future.

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