To make Instagram content resonate with the audience and also drive them to share and interact with the brand and in the process explode its growth, it is important that the strategy includes creating beautiful and easily digestible content.  



An engaging Instagram story primarily requires two elements – beautiful imagery and engaging text. Let’s take a deep dive into both these aspects.


Beautiful image



Images chosen for a post must tell a story and elicit emotion. Compelling and interesting images with a touch of emotion can catch the eye of the viewers and as a result drive engagement. Besides posting images of the products and services, it is also crucial to post images not aligning directly to the company or industry’s domain, but rather implicitly reflects the values or foundation. If a company repeatedly posts about itself on social media then it projects itself as that person at a party who constantly talks about themselves. But while posting outside photos, a brand must be careful about copyright issues and if the image is owned by someone else, it is necessary to take the required permission to use it or source non-attribution-required photos.


Engaging Text


Adding text to an image on an Instagram post is not necessary, but having one adds an extra punch that a plain image won’t suffice. A text can range from a compelling question to a powerful, motivational quote. A study conducted by Jonah Berger shows that ‘high-arousal’ emotions cause us to want to share far more than things which do not elicit such emotions. Stunning visuals using text attracts an eye as much as a beautiful image does and sometimes the words of the text play a much more influential role than the picture can showcase. But don’t forget to place the logo of the brand on the text or image to let the viewers realize the brand it represents.


This creative and unique approach to marketing can lead to brand awareness among the Instagram followers and it also spreads to other audiences as the content is shared on other platforms. 


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