You know all those product posts you see people posting on their Timelines all day and night? Don’t do that. Selling on your personal profile (aka Timeline) is a big Facebook no-no and can easily land you in FB Jail, or worse, the deletion of your account entirely. We know you want to tell the world about your business everywhere possible, so we’re here to show you how to do it the right way on your Timeline.


Setting up your timeline

The first thing you want to do is to have your intro tell people what you do in a way that would help them. Include your social media handles, branded hashtags and your website or blog to direct them to learn even more about you.



In the About section, make sure that you have your Work History linked to your business page not your company’s corporate business page. When people click on the link, you want to take them directly to your biz page to prevent losing a potential sale. Simply go to the Work and Education tab and when you type in your business page, tag it, and save.

You want to connect your social networks with your usernames (handles) on the Contact and Basic Info tab. Then, on the Details About You tab, you can share about your company without actually sounding like you’re pushing product. Talk about your family and your hobbies and then you can share your why and love of what you do.


What to Post on Your Timeline

As a business owner, of course you want your marketing content to be accessible to everyone. Timeline posts that aren’t strictly personal should be set to public so that everyone can see and share them. Facebook’s visibility settings will not allow your friend’s friends to share the post if it’s set to Friends.



Post selfies and pics of your family using your products. It’s the best way to share and have people ask about them.

Use TextClips in your Post Messages to give your friends, family and followers Call to Actions. Direct them to your VIP group, business page, or event so that they can learn more about your business.

Post inspirational quotes and funny memes, videos and helpful tips that people will want to share on their Timelines. With the links in your post messages, people will join your other networks and follow you for more great content.

Finally, remember to engage with those who comment on your posts. Don’t forget to go to their Timelines and comment on theirs as well. Build relationships, keep them genuine, and share your stories. The sales will come along with the friendships.

We highly recommend scheduling to your Timeline to save time, plan ahead and be consistent. It will help to keep you visible in the news feed and have your audience remain engaged which are both things that you definitely want to happen when marketing your business.

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