Movies use sneak peaks and promotions to increase the excitement level of their viewers. So, here are some steps which you can use to promote your next video.

1. Create a trailer :- If you are a blogger and you film short movies, or documentries on your channel, you should also edit a trailer related to your movie and upload it on your channel. A short trailer gives a hint of the movie to the viewers which create excitements. Always create your trailer in a very attractive way that it attracts the viewers and make them excited.

2. Give your video a premier date :- Give your video a releasing date, and a specific time too, so that viewers may wait for the day and control their excitements for the day. Also until that viewers will share the trailers to their friends so when the video is finally uploaded then you will be able to get god views. Also, through this strategy you will be able to create a good image in front of your viewers.

3. Share behind the scenes secret on your social media :- Share your video bloppers and behind the scenes content on your social media, this will be fun to watch for your subscribers and also they will be able to see your hardwork and the fun you use to have behind the sets.

Movies aren’t the only way to get entertain, sometimes documentries are also fun to watch. So you can use Hollywood strategies to increase your video views.

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