Every blogger wants to get more and more views on their videos and views only reflects the progress of your channel, so here are some tips of increasing your views on your videos :-

1. Promote your videos to millions :- Whenever you upload any video, try to update about it as many people as you can so that you can get more views and likes on that. Also remind people after and after again about your channel so that they keep your channel in mind. Also ask every subscriber to press the bell icon so that every time when you upload the video, they may get notify and they may view your channel.

2. Promote your old videos :- Don’t miss out to promote your old videos, promote one or the another old video randomly on your social media site so that people may go through your old videos, this will increase the watch time of your videos and also will attract your new subscribers.

3. The ending :- At the end of every video do not forget to ask your subscribers to hit like, share and subscribe the video. Ask them to share the video with all of your friends and to mention their relatable friends in the comment box.

4. Regularity :- Update your videos regularly, and try not to make much gap between two of your videos. You can decide specific days for your videos, to give a confirmation to your viewers so that they may not wait for the whole week and get a proper schedule. Also this will create excitements in their mind for your video.

So, if you want your more and more views n your YouTube video, you should definately follow these tips.

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