How to Plan sponsored videos Brands will love
Sponsored contents is a great source of income for a blogger of every level. It helps them in several ways as they are able to meet new people which can probably convert into their followers too plus you will be able to explore more and meet some famous personalities to whom you can request to mention in their feed or stories so that you can have their followers as your followers too. Whenever, you make a sponsored ,it has to be approved by the brand for sure so that you can meet your standards as with them. With proper planning, you can create a sponsored video that both you and the company can be proud of.
Here’s are few steps which you can apply while filming a sponsored video :-
1. Uniqueness :- Many times, in a sponsored video, the blogger takes a minute describing about the brand and the sponsor before moving to their main content. However, the brand will be more likely work with the bloggers who would describe their products and brands in an unique way. For example :- In the main content itself you can insert the brand in such a way like you are using a prop and describes about the product and the use of that so that people may know about the brand as well as its use.
2. Keep it advertiser-friendly:- The sponsored company you are working with will not approve your video until you have reflected the image of the brand they wanted to uphold. You should be within a You-tube guidlines for creating an advertiser-friendly content. Try and avoid strong language, memes, or controversial topics in your video. Also convey as much positive message you can give to your audience, so that they may create a good image of yours and of brand too.
3. Keep it simple and true and as similar as your other videos :- It’s really important that your sponsored video don’t feel out of audience reach , think of the unique way where you an use the brand and advertise in such a way that it may look like a part of your content, don’t go so far out of the box that it may look odd to your viewers. Find the middle ground which pleases both the company and your audience.

Sponsored videos have to be approved by the brands before you upload it, so follow these simple steps to make your sponsored videos accurate.

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