How to get 80% more views on your YouTube video

Anything you can give to your viewers a more enjoyable experience by your video will definitely increase your subscribers and followers. For many viewers, having captions and subtitles attract them and they tend to see more of your videos. Moreover, adding captions and subtitles can increase your views upto 80%
Here are some tips to increase your views upto 80%

• Upload your captions and subtitles :- Captions describe the videos completely, not only it enhance your video but also people from different countries and other languages can also watch your videos. You can easily add captions and subtitles to any video from your Video Manager.

• Add subtitles in other languages too :- One should definitely add subtitles in other languages because not everyone speak English or Hindi as their first language. Adding subtitles in other languages will help you increase your viewers more and more worldwide. You just need to see that from where do you have more followers. This will help you attract more viewers from the same language.

• Description is necessary :- You should always describe your video completely. Describing your videos will let you succeed as people will be able grab more and more information about the video. Also the video should be informative and beneficial for the viewers.
For example :- If you are shooting a food related video, you should definitely tell about your cuisine, give information about the food, the place where you ate the food etc.

Captions really help you grab more attention from new viewers and subscribers and always be more descriptive about your video, try to give bloopers at the end of the video, this make video more interesting.

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