The Perfect Collab Video
Collab videos are a great source of entertain your viewers as well as promoting your videos so that you may get double viewers. Shooting with other bloggers or youtubers gets you a fame and your name in front of their audience which will help you getting subscribers for your channel too.Moreover, collab videos are fun to shoot than your usual videos.
Here are some steps to create your perfect collab videos.
1. A good friendship with your collab partner :- The most imporant thing in your collab video is your bonding with whom you have decided to film it . You should film with the youtuber whom you are friends already as all the collab video is based on the bonding because viewers can easily judge your friendship is genuine or not. The collab video should be fun and hillarious that is the only way you can generate the interest in your video.
2. Planning:- Wen you are filmimg a collab video, you should always plan about it, you should always have a blue print about your content or the topic. You should judge fairly with whom you wanted to invite on your show. Make sure that you have good arrangements of the place and all the neccesary equipments before inviting your friend.
3. Preperations:- Make sure you have everything that you need when shooting a video. Charge your camera , invite your friend and tell them the whole plot which you will be shooting. Reset your equipments and hire a professional videographer make-up artist and props which you are going to use in your video. Also be considerate about the timings that for how long you will be shooting the video and what will be its watch time.
4. Teasers to tease the audience :- When you are done with your shooting, editing and everything, edit some of the interesting short clips of the video which is called “Teasers” and display it on your channels and social media handles to increase the curiousity in the viewers, this will also increase your views and subscribers on your video and channel respectively because people love to share such interesting and fun teasers with their friends and will surely watch your video. After such collaborations you should positively check the comments and inbox because they must be filled with requests for you to collab with the certain person.
5. Have fun :- Above all, you should have fun in your collab video because this is the main motive of the collab video. You should tell people more about your bonding by describing some funny moments which you have came across, you should also talk about some meaningful conversations and explain your views on that so that viewers may know about your mentality and your nature. All they want an interesting content with lots of fun and conversations. Don’t stress too much about making it perfect, concentrate on having fun and a good time shooting with your friend.

Collab videos are fun to shoot and watch, so follow these steps to create a fun collab with your friends an get flooded with comments, subscribers and viewers.

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