As a content creator or a social media influencer a question often arises, “how do we get paid?”. So, some effective ways of making money through social media are business collaborations and paid sponsorships. You can start by getting the attention of a few major brands and propose a collaboration with them.

You can pitch their business in your igtv, reel, or stories for a certain amount of rewards or freebies. But getting a brand to collaborate with you has become really competitive.

So, let’s see how do we bag some paid collaborations!


Know your worth

Always keep in mind that follower count is not everything. Find brands that represent the same niche as yours and approach them. Make them realize why you are the appropriate person for promoting their brand.

You can do this by gathering information about the brand from google or YouTube, getting as much info you can, and trying to understand their preferences. By doing this, you will be able to get the right speech to pitch the brand.

But keep in mind while you pitch how unique your platform is, you need to give what the brand needs, meet their expectations.


Best way to approach the subject of budget

The most important thing is that you need to sound confident and professional. Find the perfect brand for you which really resonates with your niche and audience. Do not jump into numbers with a brand immediately. Especially if you are a beginner you have to be prepared for unpaid collaborations in the beginning.

After working with a brand for a while when you feel the need to be paid, initially just send them your pitch and a media kit. The media kit must be well detailed containing your blog analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, your posts on Instagram and YouTube, as much detail as possible.

It should contain every possible thing that you can offer the brand. You may include your past collaborations if there are any. Now if the brand responds by saying it does not have a budget for influencers, it is up to you if you want to continue.

If you decide to do this campaign unpaid, you can simply ask them to at least share your content on their social pages which will give you exposure and maybe some more followers.


How much to charge?

You should come up with a rate to represent any brand if you decide to do paid collaborations. You must start calculating your rate by deciding how many hours you would spend on each content and accordingly set your hourly rate. Keep in mind that you can not go higher than the initial rate that you demanded.

You should also set different rates for different types of content. make sure that you show the breakup of your total rate when you pitch it to the brand. This makes it easier for the manager or the agent you are talking to.

For example:

2 * Instagram stories: 200 INR

1 * YouTube video: 500 INR

1 * reel: 300 INR

You may increase your rate as you take on more work. You should also include costs of travel and photography.


How should you ask a brand to pay you?

If you hold something of value to the brand, they will pay you. Don’t be afraid to ask for payment as what matters the most is your quality of content. Articulate your ideas to the brand which will help you to stand out even if you have fewer followers than a certain blogger.

While pitching your rate to the brand, be sure to include relevant statistics such as how much traffic your blog generates, map out all the details as much as possible, include your ideas, strategies, and your reasoning behind the rate you demanded.


Final words:

Have confidence in yourself and provide the best quality of content possible. Remember that asking for payment is not selfish no matter what is your follower count. You might upload content for free when you start but it is only a part of the process. Don’t forget to be professional and serious about what you promise the brand and the rates you demand.

Let us know how you used these tips to get your first paid collaboration in the comments!



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