Facebook isn’t new, and neither is the notion that every company should have a Facebook page.

However, since Facebook initially entered the marketing landscape, a lot has changed. Today, the world’s largest social network can accomplish things that many of us could never have imagined ten years ago, selling products via a chatbot, and even serving as the primary news source for two-thirds of the adult population.



The Facebook Corporation has changed its name to Meta, and Facebook for Business has changed its name to Meta for Business.

In practice, it won’t signify much, save that it will signal the company’s plan to make the expanding metaverse notion a much bigger priority, through more immersive technological improvements and programmes aimed at making Meta the next stage of digital interaction.


Since the spring, the social media firm now known as Meta has been analysing where it advertises and how much it spends doing so, accepting presentations from agencies interested in assisting it with its massive marketing budget.


Businesses can market to this golden grail of users with Meta Pages. A Meta Page is a public profile that functions similarly to a personal profile but allows followers to “like” a company, brand, celebrity, cause, or organisation. Fans get content updates from the Page on their News Feed, while the company may enhance brand exposure, install and track advertising, acquire extensive audience insights, and chat with users who need help.

It’s all about being helpful and relatable to your audience using an inbound strategy. It entails learning about your customer’s goals and collaborating with them to overcome obstacles. One of the most effective ways to do this is to be available where they already spend their time, which means being active on Meta.


“Even if the new Meta brand receives overwhelmingly good feedback, the Facebook brand controversies and challenges will continue to exist”.

~Chris Ross, Gartner Analyst


It is best to get into Meta (formerly known as Facebook) marketing as this topic is trending, everyone has their eyes on Meta and it is one of the hot topics that is being searched by a lot of people. If you include Meta in your marketing strategy right now then the chances of people looking at your ad increases, this is very beneficial for the younger companies that are looking for their break. As the viewers on the meta page increase the viewers of your ad increase as well and thus more people look at your banner.

This is a time-based strategy, the earlier you do it the better for you, as the dust settles there won’t be many people to search for Meta as there is now and thus your view count as well.


Thankfully, Facebook’s capabilities are designed for marketers that want to build genuine relationships with their customers and this is the same motto as well for Meta but rather wider and more capable than what Facebook was able to achieve. With Meta’s growing array of multimedia content possibilities, you can push your marketing to new heights and quickly.









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