Most of us with a pet must have had the thought cross our minds– shall I create an Instagram account for my pet? Even if, is there a point, and how exactly do they would become popular on Instagram alongside all the little Instagram celebrity pets? If you want to launch your pet into Instagram stardom, settle in for the long haul. Be ready to explore the insane, wild world of pet Insta-fame. And don’t forget to thank your pet.

Here’s how we can begin.

Let’s sign up for a new Instagram account

Give your account a lucid and unique username that is easy to recognize and doesn’t have too many numbers or extraneous letters. Choose an account name. Remember, these are searchable, so I do not recommend putting your pet’s names here. Instead, go descriptive. Your
bio can include your pet or pet’s names. Instagram is pretty concerned with its word count, so make use of emojis to replace words where you can.

Remember, Instagram allows only one link per account — in the bio. The link will be crucial when you want to monetize this in the upcoming future, but for now, you can leave it blank, or include your email, or the link of your google photos having the pictures and more memories of you with your pet this would help you to drive some traffic too.

Plan a content strategy for your pet’s account

This will be our posting strategy, or how we decide in which order we want to post the pictures, to display and bring up a more compendious and themed feed of your beloved pet.

What I mean by a strategy is the kind of layout or the format you want to plan for your ongoing feeds. While your pet’s headshot portraits will be the focus every day, your entire view needs to include what you want your whole feed to look like over time.

In the beginning While we’ll be making our very first steps with running our pet’s Instagram account, our content strategy can consist of five basic things:

1. a definition of our target netizens
2. a list of achievements that we want to reach for.
3. an elucidation of how the content on our pet’s account is different from hundreds of other
4. a round-up of visual content formats (IGTV, Stories, and main feed)
5. a calendar with publishing dates

Although having a content strategy and sticking to it is important, you also should be flexible with it. As you’ll be gaining experience and seeing how well the posts are doing, you might want to review the lengths and style of the text and the publishing frequency as well.

Be your pet’s scribbler

What will we write for our pet, unlike a brand, this task might be easier. What we can do to understand how your pet will be communicating with the netizens is to ponder a bit about character traits that make your pet unique.


Again, it is very important to establish the tone of voice for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Instagram is not only about posting images anymore. The netizens equally appreciate decent copy that makes photos or videos even more inspirational and insightful. Besides, a chosen theme along with the tone of voice and thoughtful content strategy can do wonders while promoting your pet’s Instagram account, gaining new followers, and increasing engagement.

Pet voice:

In creating an Instagram account for your pet, you are essentially acting as his, her, or their voice to the world. You are translating their meows or barks into human talk, interpreting with the world as you think they see it.

The results can be really hilarious. Select the appropriate hashtags. If you want your pet’s
Instagram account to become popular, including thematic Instagram hashtags in your every post is one of the simplest ways to do that. Now you may wonder why is it important? Because according to Instagram, it refers to hashtags in your pet’s profile to classify the particular theme. Hashtags allow your posts to be found by users who are not following you. Also, they give more exposure to the account both locally and internationally.

For pets, a niche is better than broad. For smaller accounts, I recommend using hashtags that have between 10,000–100,000 posts. Once you start gaining more attraction and more followers, you can aim at hashtags with more posts, as you have a better chance of standing out among them. But for now, smaller hashtags give your picture a better chance of standing out.

If you have a breed, I recommend researching and using those hashtags. If you have a rescue, there are plenty of rescue hashtags available.

I can write some of the popular pet hashtags for Instagram that are being used by many popular id’s on this platform. ( It includes cats and dogs which are famous for the most part)

#pets #pet #dogs #petsofinstagram #dog #cats #dogsofinstagram #animals #cute #petstagram #love #cat #instagram #catsofinstagram #of #puppy #dogstagram #animal #doglover #instadog #doglovers #dogoftheday #catstagram #petlovers #doglife #catlover #instacat #instagood #puppylovets

Liking the posts and following accounts

All of the above suggestions were the steps to be followed, getting your content in front of potential Netizens and active Instagram users. However, there are another couple of methods you can use to bring your account to people’s attention.

The idea is that by liking the photo, someone will get a notification that your account liked their post. They might be tempted to go check you out. If they like what they see, they may follow you. Likewise, when you
follow someone, they get a notification and they’re likely to follow back. You can then unfollow them to keep your following count low, which lends you authority. Follow people you’ll enjoy seeing the content of, or who might give you ideas, or who will show you success on the platform.

Use it to do competitor research.

The ways to get monetized!

Amalgamate links: First of all, you can work with coalescing links. Videos, especially long-form IGTV videos are gaining in popularity. Create many short reels of your pet enjoying a treat or a softball you bought from any popular online e-market websites, and every time you post the reels or videos, put the affiliate link in the respective video’s bio. Brands might reach out to you, to offer free products in exchange for promoting their content, and could give you an affiliate link to their website directly, too. Doing this you may get sponsored by an emerging provender, looking for cheap promotions of their new brand.

Expand reach: You can use some of the popular influencers sponsored brands, or you can simply reach out to the brand’s marketing department. In your reach which will include:

• Name
• Description
•The legit reason to work with them
• A proposal for colluding
• Your tariff (which should be very appealing and appropriate conditional based on the growth of your account)

End by thanking them and a bit of appreciation would add magic to this. And solicitation then that you’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback from their side. You would be very thankful and it would be overwhelmed for them.

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