Collaborating with popular YouTube creators with a larger audience base is a dream come true for any creator. It can significantly boost a channel’s growth and help it acquire new viewers. Even collaboration makes videos more interesting to the viewers and such initiatives also create a strong YouTube community. In order to make such collaborations possible, one must start networking with the other creators. But it can’t be done by just sending a DM or having being introduced by a friend.



The following are the ways in which one can network with big YouTube creators.


Attend creators exclusive events and conventions

There are various kinds of events and conventions involving youtube creators such as Vidcon and Playlist Live that take place. Most of the times these events have to different tracks two choose from for the buyers when purchasing tickets. One is the general track that is designed mainly for fans to interact with their favourite creators, watch panels and shop for various merchandise. On the other hand,creator track is for vloggers who want to meet other vloggers and learn some practices to improve their craft. YouTube fanfest also provide a great platform for the creators to interact and share creative ideas.



One should also try to find local creators’ based events. If the events are in a different region that is far from one’s location, he/she should plan a trip or vacation in that region for that event. One could also organize its own local meet-up for creators.


Sign up for big creators led workshops and panels



Creators who made it big in their niche, sometimes host workshops in order to teach other aspiring YouTube creators about their experiences and the things thay have learned. Besides it, they also might teach classes, speak on panels and give talk at events. The benefit of attending these events and other speaking engagements is the opportunity to connect with the creators hosting them as well as interacting with other people of similar interest, who are also attending such events.


Be a part of group chats, facebook groups and forums for youtubers

The scheduled events are not the only way to connect with big creators only. There are various platforms on the internet, whose sole purpose is to connect creators and in the process help each other grow. The only downside to it is that a little hardwork has to be put to find such groups.

The first thing that can be done is by asking a creator friend whether he/she is part of any whatsapp or  facebook group, specifically for YouTubers, that can be joined. Groups can also be found if searched on Facebook and Clubhouse. There are several forums specific to creators or content niche on Reddit that can be joined. These associations help a lot in collaborating with big names and renowned creators.



Having the right connections can help in collaborating with the creators of choice and it can lead to a sudden boost in viewership, increase in subscribers andexpanding reach of a channel. But the process of creating such networks is not easy, but can be achieved if the aforementioned steps are taken.






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