People might look at a successful youtuber and wonder the reason for their success. Like in any other profession, a lot of factors are in play to achieve stardom in youtube. There is no denying that the luck factor indeed plays a part, by providing the required initial push, but in order to sustain the great beginning every youtuber has to follow a set of systems and processes on a habitual basis. 



Below are the key habits generally followed by successful youtube creators.


  • Work must be done on a Routine Basis

Managing the time to consistently post high quality content systematically is the ability every successful creator must have. Most of the creators with success work independently and hence need to manage schedules and avoid distractions, more so when they are new. In order to meet deadlines and goals, one must plan out a daily schedule from morning to night. It is recommended to make a list of all the daily tasks and execute them in order that suits their preferences. A day can also be divided into blocks of time, where each block represents a specific task. This will enable a youtuber to carry out all types of activities.


  • Self Care should be practiced



The job of  a creator is hard and it can affect their health in many ways. So it is ideal for any youtuber to take time away from their phones and focus on themselves and enjoy the moment in the way they desire. This will lead them to be in the right headspace which is necessary to create regular content of their standard. It is essential to take time to invest in relaxing activities that will benefit them in every aspect and prevent burnout. 


  • Make the Right Start to a day

To be successful creatively, one must know the importance of morning and start the day in the best possible way. Successful youtube creators spend an enjoyable morning and thus get themselves ready for a productive day. It is not right to wake up being mindful of how to start the morning. It is important to start the morning with a routine that works for the individual, resulting in a change of mindset and energy to begin work. 


  • Analytics should be checked Regularly



Growth of a channel depends a lot on the knowledge the creator holds related to the indicators responsible for the success of the  channel. Every successful youtuber has the detailed information of the metrics that determine the performance. They keep track of how their videos, thumbnails and titles affect their metrics. They check the datas frequently in order to make the necessary changes required for improvement. Having proper idea about the metrics and how some metrics are dependent on each other, as it will lead to effective boosting up of some metrics, which will flow to improve the other metrics.


  • Conduct Fans Interaction



The success of a youtuber is all down to the subscribers and viewers. Hence it is important for any creator to make their followers feel important at times by holding interaction with them through replying in their comments, organizing meet-ups, doing live streams and answering to their questions by doing a Q&A video. It is necessary to create a deep connection with the viewers which in the process will make them loyal and root for their favourite creator’s success.


Being consistent, trying to improve and outlast the preceding work and being uncompromising with the content is of utmost importance to stay at the top and endured by viewers. The above points are the stepping stones to become a successful youtuber and need to followed wholeheartedly. 


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