Hey, to increase your views on your YouTube channel, you should keep some points in your mind. They are as follows :-

1. First of first, analyze your video.

• Subject :- The subject should always be interesting and short, so that it is easy to read and it should definitely be on point and tells the blue print about the video. You may also use the keywords for more good reviews.

• The content :- The content is the most important part of the video, a successful video is the one with an interesting content, and good language. Nowadays the content with humour is really affecting the public, and people love to watch that. Your content should not be boring or out-dated, it should be so interesting and up to date that one should suggest his/her friends to watch it. Always give your 100% effort to shoot the video and also edit it with suitable background music.

• Note :- Through note you can link more of your videos with the current one so that people may know more about your channel, and intent to watch those too.

• Thumbnails :- Thumbnail is basically the front image which comes on your video, the thumbnail should be fresh and attractive as there can be several videos with same topic but thumbnail differentiate them. The thumbnail should never be copied and should contains good quality and interesting image. This leads to more views on your video as people gets attracted first with the topic and then with the thumbnail.

• Language :- For more views and subscribers you should upload the subtitles and transcript in other languages too, this will lead your video views even when someone search for the language. For example- if you upload the transcripts of Hindi, English and Marathi, so when the viewers will search for these language they will get the suggestion of your video too.

• Connections with other social networks :- Connect your YouTube account with your other social media profiles, so that it would be easy for you to share your videos and channel to your followers and friends. Such updates are really necessary as they will allow your YouTube channel grow more.

• Interactions :- Interactions with your viewers directly is the most powerful step, you should not hang on after uploading the video, you should regularly share and also reply to all the comments on your video. This helps you to get the views of your viewers and also it makes the viewers feel special.

• Make your channel more valid :- You should always make your channel more valid by seeing the subscribers and views on the channel and videos respectively. You should well know the number of subscribers and views on your videos. This makes an impact of seriousness towards others. Also you can take help from Sell Likes for strong social proof. It provides large number of real likes and non-drop subscribers.

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