How to get more Views on your video on the same day of upload.

Recently, YouTube decided to update their feed and changed the way videos may appear in user’s subscription box. Many you tubers feared that this may result into a disadvantage for them as they may loose their views because from now videos are available according to the interests.
However, we have got the solution for this, so there are some steps which you may follow so that you may never loose your views.

• Update your followers before you upload the video :- Update your followers on different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Always upload a story of a tweet describing the timings of uploading a video. Start giving them teasers or small hint about the video so that viewers get excited and intent to surely watch your video. For example :- Start giving the details about the timings like “5minutes left for the new video” on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so that excitements donot bump out from your viewers. After uploading the video, update the viewers by telling them on your social media handles. This will help you getting more and more views.

• Interactions with viewers is really necessary :- The bell icon near the subscribe button plays a very important role, it updates the viewer about your new uploads. Encourage your viewers to press that bell icon so that they may get the notification of your channel. Also reply to the comments on your video for sure so that viewers interact with you more and more. This also show your interest and seriousness towards your channel.

• Be more and more active on your social media handles :- After replying to the few comments on your video, switch over to your social media handles and keep updating the viewers about the video, or you can go live because people appreciate that, try to thank people who like share and commented on your video.

YouTube may get change how it promotes your video but you can easily get your followers by following these tips, this will surely help you getting more followers rather than loosing them.

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