How to grow your online audience with Podcasts

Podcasts are really getting popular these days. These days viewers like to interact with you through live chats and wanted to know more about your personal life. Many bloggers jumped into podcasts of their own, which in result grow their audience too.

Here are some ways of growing your online audience with Podcasts :

o Choose a similar content as that of your YouTube channel :- You should choose similar contents as that your YouTube channel as all of the viewers have similar interests. By choosing a similar content for your podcasts it will be easy for you to convert subscribers into listeners and listeners into subscribers.

o Collaborating with co-hosts :- As they say, two are better than one. So here is an another way, where you can collaborate with one more candidate on your podcast, this will help you grow more content as people will be curious to know about both of you also this will work more as a friendly conversation where you can enjoy and discuss about your interesting things. The co-star can be a celebrity, or your friend. You just need to make your video interesting.

o Book a guest for your show :- You should reach out your potential guests such as your blogger friends or experts of your topic so that people show more and more interest on your video plus you will be able to get likes and subscribers from your guest side too.

o Distribute your podcasts on a suitable platform :- Once you are done with your recording, editing and streaming you should find a suitable platform where you can publish your podcast, also keep this in mind that the platform you select should be popular where you can easily get likes and subscribers.
o Promote your Podcasts :- Here comes the last step, which is to promote your Podcast. Promote your podcast on YouTube channel, social media handles, go live and tell everyone about your podcast. Encourage your viewers to watch the podcast and share with their friends.

Podcast is a fun and easy way to grow your followers and online audience. You should surely promote your YouTube channel on your podcast so that people gets aware of your channel and donot forget to remind them to hit like and subscribe to your channel.

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