Watch time contributes to your video’s place in YouTube algorithm. The longer people will watch your videos the more your channel will grow successfully. Therefore, improving your watch time will help you become more successful.
Here are some steps which will help you increase your watch time.

1. Get your’s viewers feedback :- You should always get a feedback about your videos by uploading a poll on your social media handles, asking them that if the previous tutorial was interesting or helpful for them or not. This will involve your audience too and audience will appreciate that you take there views into considerations. Through this people will become more interested in watching your videos fully.

2. Link viewers to previous videos :- You can link your viewers to previous videos. This will make your viewers to watch your videos till the end and through this practice you can also promote you older videos. So you can increase your watch time and promote your videos at the same time. Make sure to mention the link of the video in your main video.

3. Hide a secret at the end :- Film your content in such a way that you can hide a secret at the end of your video. This will make your viewers curious and interested in your video also as the secret will be at the last of the video so they will watch it fully. This will help you increase your video’s watch time.

Through these practices you can increase your watch time, grow your channel and be a successful blogger.

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