No matter what other’s say, being a successful YouTube blogger and creating interesting YouTube videos is a very difficult task and one needs to perform many tasks at the same time. You have to be a filmmaker, an editor, a content writer, a camera person, a set designer, a role model and a sound engineer, all at one time. This is a very stressful job but if you will take this much stress than you will get distracted from your work and will unable to focus. So, here are some tips which you can keep in your mind to keep down your stress.

1. Maintain your Schedule :- Firstly, schedule your work in such a work that manner that it may not give you soo much stress, you can select days when you will be uploading the video, like specific 2 or 3 days a week when you will be uploading your video. You can also schedule in such a way that 1 day you can upload a funny characterized content, 2nd day you can film a talk show type content and 3rd day you can go live and say thanks and reply to the comments on your videos. This will make an involvement of your audience and they will also find it attractive. Secondly, follow your schedule strictly, so that there would be no mess and you can do your work easily.

2. Keep a creative outlet for you :- YouTube videos should not be a burden for you. Make your videos that interesting that you enjoy making it. You should be creative about it. Turning your hobbies into your career will surely make you successful, so you can pick up any of your artistic hobby and turn that in such a creative amnner that it becomes your career. Also if you want to distract your mind and give yourself a time, try to teach yourself how to paint, pick up any instrument or write some poems too. This will help you gain more interest and will make you a more creative and interesting person, also this will release your stress.

3. Establish clear boundaries between your real and reel life :- You should be very clear about what to upload about your personal life and what not. Its good to involve your followers and allow them to have knowledge about our personal life but not every thing should be uploaded publically. These days YouTube bloggers upload everything about their personal life on their social media handles so that their followers may get involve in their life too, but you should not upload your very personal content that it may result in some stressful or controversial matter. You should be firstly sure about your decisions and then make it public.

4. Know when to break :- You can take a break if this job is giving you very much stress. You just need to inform your subscribers and tell them your honest opinion. Moreover, you can tell them that you will be surely come back after solving your issues. If you let them know that you will be back they will surely wait for you and your audience will join you for sure when you will come back.

5. Allow yourself to create video regardless of the audience response you expect :- Since YouTube has changed itself to very high level, also your videos should be really interesting to grab the audience as there are many bloggers on a single platform, so in order to make your videos interesting bloggers started creating videos regardless of the audience response, they started making videos where they have got some unique looks and content. Sooner they have grown good followers and subscribers on their channel.

Being a YouTube blogger is not an easy task. You need to be patient and hard working with least stress. So, follow these steps to remove your stress.

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