Every now and then a new video trend pops up and takes YouTube by storm. As a result of it almost every other creator jump on the bandwagon and put their spin on the viral content. There exist a first mover advantage in trending topics, where the creator gets a huge boost in subscribers and those who participate in the trend also gain a lot of subscribers, if they are among the first.

Below are the ways in which a creator can spot an emerging trend.


Keep an eye on the explore page



The YouTube explore page comprises of all the latest trending videos. These are the most watched, shared, liked and loved videos on YouTube. The page consist of videos from all niche and every channel size. The trends generally emerge from these videos and as a rsult the explore page should be visited periodically. Unique video ideas can be explored from a particular content niche or replicate concepts from other creators.


Attention must be given to both big name and rising creators

Big creators from a content niche can provide trending videos as the large audience give them a huge influence on the platform and other creators can take inspiration from them. If a viral video comes from a large creator with a high number of views than normal, then it can be replicated back to the channel. But it is important to give the creators their due credit for it.

But trending videos can also come from up-and-coming creators. These creators has the potential to break out with a brilliant idea any second, launching their channel with a viral video. So enough attention must be given to them as well.


Keep updated about other platforms



Trends in other social media platform can also be used in YouTube and hence it is important to keep up with  the current hot topics across the internet. A viral challenges, fan theories and cultural conversations can be turned into long form video if possible. Special attention need also to be paid on other video-based platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Alternatively, several viral hacks and challenges can be tested out in one compilation video.


Using YouTube trends by spinning it accordingly can help a channel grow. So keep an eye on new and emerging trends from YouTubers of all levels as it can benefit the channel immensely.

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