A good content and a vast audience, these are the two major goals every vlogger must set up to become famous. If you are struggling with the second goal that is to have a vast audience, then you must follow certain suggestion to be successful.
Sometimes, not getting enough followers on your best contents can be discouraging but following some suggestions you can meet your goals.

1. Start a second channel :- Many times, there can be situations when you are not getting enough likes or subscribers on your current channel, its because people may get bore of the same contents because many YouTubers work on same popular contents, so you may start a new channel with a different content. For example :- If your first channel contains humourous content then you can start your new channel which contains documentary related content. Also try to involve different language or subtitles so that you may grab the foreign audience too.

2.Share what you’ve learned about social marketing :- Talking about business is the fastest growing contents these days. Most social media users want to gain more and more followers whether they are influencers or not.

You can share what all you have learned about social media marketing as being an YouTube vlogger you are an experienced and expertise too, so people can easily believe you. Moreover you can make videos sharing your journey, and telling about how to start a YouTube channel, and about how you shoot and edit your videos. This will influence them and will help you getting more followers.

3. Give Updates of big entertainment or sports events around you :- Whenever, there are some major entertainment and sports events audience get really excited about it and wanted to grab more and more knowledge about it, so you can hype and give them glimps about those events and gain followers. You can create a special videos to entertain your followers.

4. Share your videos on Facebook :- Facebook is a major hub of the followers where you can easily grab the attention. You should directly upload your video on facebook instead of sharing a link. This will help you getting more views and through this people will reach your YouTube channel too. You just need to share your YouTube videos on your facebook page.

So, if your audience is slowing down, you must follow one of these tricks and get successful.

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