Since, people of all the ages love to play video games, so you can use this as your prop to grow your followers.These days there are many trending video games such as Fortnite and PubG (Player’s Unknown Battle Ground)
so, here are some ways you can grow your followers using these games.

1. Use some specific rules to play the game :- Playing game using some different rules really attract the followers. This make audience excited to watch your game and influence them to play the game in your way, also you become the point of discussion or conversation between two people. For example :- You can play Fortnite blindfolded or by using one hand. This will grab the attention of all the players.

2.Take the dance challenge :- Since after the victory in every game there are certain celebrating moments, so you can take that as a challenge. For example :- Fortnite has the famous victory dance step, so you can take a dance challenge and make a video performing the dance, all the players who love the game will surely love to watch you. This will help you grab more attention of the followers because such video contains entertainment and challenge both.

3.Stream Live :- Many players love watching there favorite players/YouTubers stream live while playing game, so stream live while playing as the audience wanted to see their game, also they wanted to learn more about your strategies of playing game so they may also apply further in their game.

4. Try your game Constumes :- Some of the recent games like Fortnite and PubG has got very interesting constumes, so you can use those constumes in your videos to make them more interesting and more likely a game video. This amke your video more fun and interesting, also by seeing you audience may also buy the same constumes on certain celebrations or festivals like Halloween.

So, try these ideas to grow your channel with the help of famous games.

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