Uniqueness can make you grab more attention, because you are unique in your own way and that is your only originality, which no one can cheat. This will create your image among the people and which can make you famous.

So, here are some steps you can get famous through your uniqueness:-

1. Unique Looks :- Creating your own unique looks reflects your originality and make you cool which is really liked by the youths and this can involve you in memes , which will make you famous. People will reach you on your instagram and facebook profiles and will reach your channel too. Slowly, they will start loving your style and will follow you throughly.

2. Collaborate :- Collaborate with your other vlogger friends too, so that you can grab their followers attention too. Get feature on their channel with them as well as allow them too,to work with you. This will allow you to grab to grab mire followers and get famous.

3. Share your success story :- Share your success story by making a talk video and upload it, the video should be fun and real so that people may know about you inside out. This will create a positive news and people will think positive about you.

Your unique looks and your unique way can make you famous and grab more attention. Just be real and unique to become famous.

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