Some of the biggest YouTube vloggers have started their career from YouTube itself. Their success stories are really high and through YouTube they have got a big platform to show up their talent to all over the world. Even if you have got musician inside you, then you can also get famous by applying some strategies which may help you getting more subscribes and viewers.

First make sure that your channel is eligible for monetization. Once you have reached your thousand subscribers than you can apply these strategies for monetizing your video

1. Upload and monetize the videos that aren’t related to music :- If every video on your channel is eligible for monetization then upload the videos more frequently. Also try to make some videos related to your personal life, so that people are able to know you better as a person inside-out. This will create interest in people for you and further they will love to watch you as a musician.

2.Accept Sponserships :- Start accepting sponserships from the brands as this will help you getting more followers and views. As the sponsership videos give you more publicity and high contacts which an make you and your channel famous.

3. Open a Patreon :- Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, some creators use this to support their channel, you can give an offer to your fans about contributing an amount of money and get featured in their new album, your die-heart fans will surely support and contribute in that. The best part is that you will be setting up the money amount. Also this will help you getting your fans followers too, as they will share when their names will get featured in your album or song.

4. Offer online music trainings :- If you have a webcam you can stream live and can give online music trainings, this will inspire the struggling musicians and people would love watching your lessons, through this your followers will get to know you more and more.

5.Design And Sell Merch :- Many people have branded T-Shirts or t-shirts with a name of the musician or a logo of the band, so you can also choose this practice by designing your tag line, or name of your band on thr t-shirts and sell online. Also make people aware about the t-shirts through your social media handles and on your channel. Also you can contact any particular store which can sell your t-shirts or create your own website where you can sell these.

As a musician you do not need to get far away from monetizing your music. Use these different ways to support yourself in your upcoming video.

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