YouTube is a platform that provides creators to explore and show up their talent to multiple groups of people through their videos. It gives chance to interact with different people across the world.
Here are some strategies through which you can get free views on your videos.

1. Regularity :- Upload your videos constantly, maintain a regularity and do not keep much gap between the videos. You can also select the days like 3 days in a week when you can upload the video, also make your followers know about the days you come up with the videos. This will help you create a routine of viewers and also new viewers will get add soon.

2. Trending topics:- Create videos on trending topics or topics related to a common life. This will grow interest of the viewers on your channel as they will be able to relate the videos with their life. You can search on google about the trending topics and disc on some interesting topics and create humourous videos. You can also go on social media networks to explore trending topics using hashtags.

3. Upload videos at right time :- Upload your videos at the right time to maximize your views. Frederator Netwoks, a prominent YouTube network recieves 120 million views per month. They analyzed the best posting timings are :-
Monday-Wednesday :- 2pm-4pm EST
Thursday-Friday :- 12pm-3pm EST
Saturday-Sunday :- 9am-11am EST

4. Cross promote your your YouTube videos to get more views :- Cross promote your YouTube videos on websites, vlogs, newsletters. As soon as you upload your video post the short interesting clip on your social media handles like instagram and twitter so that people may get the curious about the video and watch it for sure. Post on your social media networks about the details of the video and tell them whether it has been uploaded to not. If by-chance you are getting late to upload the video apologize your viewers on your story and tell them when you are going to upload it. This will not annoy the viewers instead help you to win the trust of your viewers.

5. Upload your video on Facebook :- Instead of sharing a link of the video, upload the full video on facebook to get enough likes on your content. Facebook will allow to suggest your video to many people and this will help you getting more subscribers.

6. Write catchy titles :- Videos with interesting titles are able to grab more attention, as the more interesting topic, the more people will view the video. Keep your title as short as you can , also it should be descriptive but not fully expressive. It should be something which fill curiousity in your viewers so they intent to open your video and watch that.

7. Details :- Write the detailed descriptions of your video, give all the links viewers can reach your video. Write the hashtags and keywords of your video. Write the publish date and something about the content, also links of your social media sites.

8. Thumbnails:- Thumbnails are the images that appear beside your video in search and related results. The thumbnail should be related to the video but really interesting because thumbnail is the first step which creates an image of the video. Therefore, optimize your thumbnail images to get your You-Tube videos.

9. Use strong call to action :- Keep reminding your viewers about hitting like, subscribe and share your channel and video respectively. Ask them to share their experience and their views about the video n your comment section.

10. Create a playlist of your videos :- Playlist play your videos one after other , so create the playlist of your videos so that viewers are able to watch your videos one after another. Also arrange your videos according to their popularirty. This will help you increasing your views as well as your watch-time on your videos.

11. Influencer can get you more viewers :- Ask influencer with in your topic to share your videos as they have got large number of followers. Asking an influencer getting a help can be very beneficial to you, first you will be able to know more that what kind of topics does the viewers like . Secondly, you gain credibility by associating with recognized influencers within your topic.

12. Get featured in other channels too:- You can contact and can get featured with other content creators too so that you can promote your channel on their videos and grab the attention of their respected audience too. This will help you grabbing more subscribers and views.

13. Collaboration :- Collaborate with other YouTube vloggers to get noticed by other audiences and subscribers. Try to make a fun collaboration with them so that it seems interesting to both of the followers, this is beneficial to both of the vloggers. Also don’t forget to update the details and teasers of the video, so that people get curious about the video.

14. Send E-mail updates to your followers :- Send e-mail updates to your followers as soon as you upload the video, this works as a reminder for the viewers so that they may see your videos as soon as you upload it.

Getting successful as a YouTube vlogger is not an easy task, it needs lots of hard-work and patience. So follow these steps for getting more views on your videos.

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