Of course people use the Internet round the clock, but its absolutely true that the as skeptical as it sounds, posting content on your social media channels at the peak time makes sure that your content gets picked up by the platform’s algorithm and reaches the right people. For best results, you’ll want to post your content when your audience is most likely to already be scrolling.

But reaching a wide audience is not just a matter of when you post, but also how often you do so. Therefore choosing the right time will require you to understand where your audience is located (with respect to time zones), when they are online and keeping a close eye on your performance until you find a frequency that works.

Keep reading to find out when’s the right time to post your content for the best.

Assess your best performing content 

The best way to find out what works for your audience is to…well, check what’s been working for your audience. Evaluate your analytics as they are the best source of information about your unique (it cannot be the same for everyone) best times to post on different platforms. Analyze the performance of your existing content and cross-reference views and engagements with posting times. If you find patterns, just keep doing more of what works and watch closely over your analytics.

Weigh up your competitors 

Look for accounts that address the same audience you’re trying to reach, and analyze their posting schedules. Take note of what type of content works best for them and check for patterns. You can learn a lot from the success of others.

Recognize when your audience is active 

Analyze when your audience is online and align your publishing schedule with your audience’s activity patterns. So when they open the app, your content is the first thing that they see. You can even directly ask them about it by approaching them with the question of what are their active hours.

Be open to making changes 

No social media strategy is set in stone and thus its constantly evolving. As a matter of fact, new users are joining various social networking channels every day, and new features that can potentially affect your spot in algorithms are regularly added. This means that your posting schedule will also keep changing over time.

Whenever you notice a dip in performance, revisit these tips to find new best times to post. We hope you’ll find something helpful for yourself in them.

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