As YouTube has recently monetized its policy, so you must take a look on your channel and then proceed working on it. There are few guidelines which your channel must meet,. They are as follows :-

1. You must have one thousand subscribers :- This is the first criteria of YouTube that all the channels must have thousand subscribers before 20th February. As the new guidelines won’t be implemented until 20th February so there is still time for smaller bloggers to meet their subscribers to one thousand.

2. You must have four thousand hours of watch time in past twelve months :- Another criteria is to have 4000 hours of watch time on your videos in order to monetize your channel. To increase your watch time on your videos, promote them more and more and try to make it interesting till last so the viewers may watch it completely.

3. Keep your account in good standing :- The most important part of YouTube policy is to make your channel clean that it does not create an impact that you are making money for wrong reasons and in a wrong way. You can keep it clean in a very easy way. Avoid copyright, avoid controversial contents, avoid bad content which may annoy people.

So, these are few ways through which you can decide whether your YouTube channel stays monetized or not.

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