Have you just posted your first view video and unable to get instant subscribers and views ? You want to keep it legal and wanted to get more and more subscribers ? Here are some tips which you may follow to get instant likes and subscribers.

1. Have a specific value to a specific audience :- The first step to get 100 subscribers is to find your niche. You should find an interesting content to attract your audience. Have your specific niche as it will help you appeal your audience to view your video, they will also help you promote your videos by sharing the videos with your friends and as it goes on. Find something that works for you, like something new, something unique.

2. Research your ideas before shooting :- So, after finding your niche , you need to look for the ideas, like what type of content you should write for the topic. Moreover you should search for the same topic on YouTube itself to see who else has worked on the content, what type of contents do they have in their video, how much competition is there for the content. Also you should see which video of the same content have the highest views, and which have the least. Adjust your idea and see what works best for you.

3. Titles and Thumbnails should be attractive :- Spend more time in creating your titles and thumbnails because these are the first thing people see on your videos. Through titles and thumbnails people get attracted more, so try to make them very attractive and interesting. Make sure that color pops in your thumbnail, make your title easy to read and grab an instant description but should not be clear. Make sure that your thumbnails should be easily visible in mobile phones.

4. Simply ask your viewers to subscribe it :- At the end of the video, viewers may have enjoyed your video. Ask them to hit like, share and subscribe your video, also ask them to hit the bell icon so that they may get a reminder whenever you upload a new video. Also ask them to comment on your video sharing their views about the video and share their suggestions about the content they wanted to watch further.

5. Pay attention to the audience retention graphs :- Audience retention graph is a great source of information for YouTube analytics but people do not pay much attention to it, but it is really necessary. These graphs give you breakdown about when your audience is loosing interest in your video. You can analyse through it that at what point your viewers are loosing interest and you can adjust it accordingly and prevent it from happening this further.

6. Find a way to tap into other communities :- To increase your views and subscribers you should tap into other communities as well, through this you will gain some special subscribers. You can do this by uploading subtitles in different language so that other people may also be able to get stuff through your videos.

7. Analyze other creators :- You must watch the videos of other successful creators and try to learn from them. See how they shoot their videos, what type of content they make, do not copy the exact same content but try to learn from them, Learn what kind of lights they use, what is their promoting strategies, learn and follow their steps to create a good video.

8. Add a subscriber watermark to your videos :- So, this is a very cool feature which everyone is not aware about. You can add a subscriber watermark just at the corner on your video in the bottom to help boost your subscriber count in a less obvious way. All you have to do is to wait over it and a subscribe button will pop up. It’s very useful for mobile subscribers too. Simply head to Creator Studio and then click the “Channels” option. Click “Branding” and then click “Add watermark.” You can use any type of image you want, but make sure it’s 800 pixels x 800 pixels. After you have uploaded it, you can choose any time you want the mark to pop up.

9. Put your videos into playlists :- As soon as you have some videos uploaded on your channel, create a playlist on your channel which contains only your videos, and whenever you upload a new video, add that video in the playlist as it will help you getting more views on your old videos too. As people will be able to watch your videos continuously without searching it, they can just go to your channel and scroll down to the playlist and watch whichever video they wanted to watch.

10. Add pop up subscribe button or interactive cards :- Sometimes viewers just love your videos but forget to press the subscribe button, in order to remind them you can add a pop up subscribe button or interactive cards at the last of your video which will remind them to subscribe, this is better than adding a watermark. Pop up buttons and interactive cards grab viewers attention and it also create a good impact on audience. This also reflects your knowledge about your work. You can also add them anywhere in your video but make sure these are not too big that it may annoy your viewers.

So, these are some ways through which you can get 100 subscribers every day and good views on your videos.

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