Instagram stories are good and a fun way to get engage with your audience and start a conversation with them. Now the question comes that why you need to pay for ads when you can make Instagram stories for free. Then, you should know that Instagram stories are visible only to your followers. So, here are some tips for creating Instagram stories ad that converts.
1. How to create Instagram Ads :- Here are some steps you need to follow while creating the Ads :-
a.To create Instagram Stories Ads, first go to the Ads Manager and select whether you want a guided creation or quick creation.
b.Then select the objectives that you want to achieve through your ads.
c.Go to the Placements section and choose between Automatic or Custom ad placements.
d.Add audience filters if you want to target a specific audience.
e. Upload your media, finish creating your ad, and look at the preview before posting.
2. What types of Ads can you post ?
Ads can be of following types for your Instagram
a. Single Image :-A single photo can be displayed on stories for 5 seconds
b. Single Video :- A single video runs for 15 seconds.
c. Carousel :- In these type of ads you can add 3 different media which includes pictures and videos in one ad. Picture will be displayed for 5 seconds and video for 15 seconds.
3. Use High-quality pictures and videos :- You should use high quality pictures and videos to make your ads attractive and interact with your audience easily. Better quality pictures leads to good understanding of your ad by the audience.
4. Ensure your ads are easy to grasp :- Take a basic content for your ads, do not complicate things. Your ad should be easy and descriptive enough that it conveys the right meaning to the audience. Due to short duration it is somewhere hard to convey the message and create short descriptive ads but try not to make it lengthy instead small and explainable. To make it easy for your audience give them a link below as a sour e of information.
5. Promote a giveaway or Discount :- You can create an ad where you are giving some special discount and giveaways to your audience. Make it interesting and attractive to grab the attention of your followers and target audience. Discounts really make a good image of your brand as people are attracted towards them more.
6. Engage your Audience with Poll and Quiz :- You can start a conversation with your followers by starting a poll and quiz with your followers. You may ask them some questions related to your blog and ask their advice, suggestions and opinions about your blog. This is a great way to interact with your audience.

These are some tips you can keep in mind while creating an ad film for your Instagram stories

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