Social media has both upside and downside to it where it can either make opportunities or break them. However, no one can deny that whether good or bad, social media definitely has a strong impact. As a content creator, making sure that the impact your platform is creating is positive. Especially if people count on you and a large number is looking up to you.

Everyone likes content creators who are good at what they do, are consistent in their work and creative with their creation, but everyone adores a creator who not only uses social media for sharing their own work but also to make a positive impact through their presence on social media.

Wait… How do we create a positive impact if audience will still somehow manage to turn it around and haters will rather focus on that?

Well, you do it anyway.

Creating a positive impact and using your social media platform for all the good causes is not necessary but definitely imperative.

Here are a few ways on how a content creator can create a positive impact on social media;

1.Stay true and authentic

One of the biggest negative connotation attached to social media is how it is fake and pretentious. Thus, staying true to yourself and ideas can put it across the audience that real is what you prefer and they should too. Rather than focusing on acting like someone else, find the best version of yourself and share it with the world. Chances are young people who look up to you will learn to appreciate originality as well. Keep it real, true and fun.

2.Voice out opinions

Staying true to yourself means not compromising on your voice and opinions just in order to fit in or be accepted. If you firmly believe in something and you think sharing the same with the world can create a difference then speak it out loud without trembling. However, make sure you are well informed and aware of the topic so that you do not end up misleading anyone. As long as your thoughts are inclusive, fair and just, there is no harm in sharing the same to create some positivity.

3.Spread awareness and information-

If you are blessed with a platform where even a small number of people look up to you or are willing to hear you out, then please use it to your best potential. Make them aware about certain issues, break stigmas, spread information and much more. It could be any cause that you truly care about but try to shed light on these important topics, social issues, education, environment etc. as well as providing solution for the same. Educating someone and spreading awareness will go a long way.

4.Use the platform to help the needy

Do not hesitate to share any pleas, causes that require donations, etc. where your social media can end up making a huge difference. Similarly, open your platform to issues where people can reach out to you in case of trouble, and if you cannot directly help them then at the very least you can be a mediator where someone with resources can reach out to them through your platform.

5.Lending a helping hand

Do not hesitate to promote or help out influencers who have just recently started, connecting with them and helping them in their journey. Also, promote small businesses and people who requires your help and a little push without even turning them away. Use your platform to help in positive initiatives and spreading smiles.

6.Promote kindness, empathy and positivity

Make sure to promote only kindness and positivity, not hatred and negativity so that the audience looking up to you learns the same. Focus on sharing feel good posts and videos along with staying away from negativity and not tolerating hate. Take a stand for right and do not indulge in bullying or demeaning. Make sure your platform is an accepting, friendly and open space. Reflect positivity so that you receive the same.

Make sure to use social media to create a positive impact than getting sucked into the negative side of it which can also in turn affect you. Creating and spreading positivity will also reflect back on you and help in your growth and peace.

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