As we all know and can see the devotion of people towards YouTube and various other social media platforms. Complimentary to this, YouTube being the second most visited site in the world can be a sure-shot hit for your business or already exiting YouTube channel. Hence, this can be a better time to promote your YouTube channel. As of now, we have made a YouTube channel, then arises a question, how to make videos and how can we promote? Although the writing is on the wall. However, it takes approximately 6 hours per day for a video. Now, how to make our channel stand out, we need to look for a great promotional strategy.

Let us have a look at the following Top 10 tips and tricks that should be kept in mind while promoting YouTube videos in 2021:

  1. Clear and Informative Titles: The title plays a key role in grabbing the viewership. It should be to the point and can be a question as well. Additionally, do keep in mind not to use clickbait titles.
  2. Optimizing the videos for visibility: Optimising videos for visibility in short means grooming the video in such a manner that it can be visible on the top after hitting the search button. the visibility game begins from tags/keywords and ends with the same.
  3. Appealing thumbnails should be used. however, customized thumbnails are more preferable. This helps in imparting a sense of professionalism to the channel.
  4. Join and be active in the YouTube community. This helps in increasing visibility, engagement, and reach.
  5. Promotion can be done by cross-linking or contests. Try attaching links with your site as well. 
  6. Tap the targeted audience group: Style the videos as per the requirements of the audience. A well-curated Research regarding the audience and their preferences is a must. Additionally, a google search list can be beneficial for research purposes. 
  7. Created content should be subscribe-worthy.
  8. Create an organized playlist for your content.
  9. YouTube live can be used for promotional purposes as well.
  10. 10.Promote your YouTube content on various other social media platforms. you can also run a contest or a giveaway to enhance the reach.

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