Starting a YouTube channel and coming up with ideas is the initial step however driving the traffic onto your videos is another strenuous task altogether. One needs the right dedication, persistence and strategies to make sure that they survive the burdensome competition and get ahead on this platform.

However, if posting content is not enough then what is? Well, shooting videos, editing and posting is not enough and there are other things as well that needs to be paid attention.

Here are a few comprehensive steps to build traffic for your YouTube channel-

1. Basic Details Make sure to pay attention on minute and tiny details such as username, channel description, thumbnail, visuals, accessories, transitions and editing along with writing down precise heading and catchy captions for your videos. Audience is picky when it comes to visuals so make sure that it is magnetic and appealing enough to catch a hold of their attention and eyes.

2. Share– Do not be hesitant to share the link of your channel and videos among your friends and other groups. As soon as you post a video, share the link for the same among them and also on various other social media platforms. Ask your current audience to do the same and work on getting more subscribers. You can also ask for reposts and promotions from your friends and connections so that it helps in building the traffic for the channel and it’s growth.

3. Relevant Hashtags Use relevant hashtags that is relevant and in close association to the content you are posting about as well as focus on the precise keywords so that people can be smoothly directed towards your video with the help of those keywords and hashtags which will help in generating more traffic for your channel and increase the visibility of your videos.

4. Reviews– Make sure to pay close attention to criticism, feedback and comments. If it seems like an honest review then try to comprehend and apply it. Ask your friends for their insights on your videos and for their suggestions as well. Implement changes and improvement wherever needed as it always helps to try your hand at new strategies, listen to honest feedback and make unique content through its help. It also makes them feel heard and understood if you are willing to work on suggestions provided by them.

5. Engagement– Engage and connect with other youtubers, creators and audience through various means such as hosting live sessions, gratitude posts, interactions through comments and messages as well as responding to them as it makes them feel acknowledged and noticed thus making them more likely to engage with the content you post. This not only helps generate more traffic but also creates a relationship between you and your audience which helps with building a community.

There are many strategies that can be implemented to generate traffic and so make sure to post consistently with quality content that provides aesthetics, information and authenticity to the audience along with insights and awareness that will surely help with the growth.

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