The rise of technology has definitely made a lot of tasks easier because the access to devices and the internet is limitless now. However, the easy access to social media platforms and the internet is not all surrounded by positive notes because of how easy it also becomes for haters to spread their negativity. 


The impact of social media, online comments and external validation puts a lot of pressure on the creators which also holds the power to make or break their confidence. 

However, the anonymity of the internet and possessing the power to hide behind an username and virtuality has increased the negativity on the internet. This negativity and the hatred seemingly holds a lot of power especially on creators, youtubers and influencers who put themselves out there entirely for content creation. Some comments are masked under the mask of “Criticism” when they are actually just hate comments written to ridicule an individual. 


Thus, it is necessary to manage and control these kinds of negative and hate comments considering the kind of impact it leaves on creators and their performances. 

How to control hate comments on your Youtube channel- 

Block offensive words from appearing on your channel- You can manage the hate comments as YouTube allows you to filter out comments with certain words that you deem inappropriate and block them. All you have to do is go on settings and select the option of community. You can then enter the words that are offensive and derogatory according to you and whenever someone tries to comment something that includes the same word, it will have to be approved by you first through a review sent to you personally and only then will it be showcased on the channel. 


You can also keep a comment moderator who will be able to accept or flag comments, the ones flagged will be sent to you for approval and in this manner, you will always be able to monitor the kind of comments and feedback that will be left on your videos and channel. You also have the power to simply “hide” or block the user from your channel that you believe is responsible for commenting negative and hate comments. You can also report comments and users that intentionally spreads hatred around your videos and tries to bully, harass or break your spirit even if it is through the medium of Youtube channel. As influencers you may be responsible for putting positive and peacful content out there, but the same responsibility also lies with your audience to not take advantage of the platform and anonymity. 


Just because the internet gives the power for strangers to have an access to your channel virtually does not mean that you need to give them the power over your mind and peace. Feel free to use tools and take necessary actions whenever you feel that anything inappropriate is occurring.

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