You undoubtedly want your videos to appear first on YouTube, irrespective of whether you’re a social media personality, a huge company, or an individual who is just looking for some fun. Similar to Google’s algorithm, YouTube too possesses its own algorithm that ranks videos methodically based on a variety of parameters. Content of more than five hundred hours of videos is published on YouTube every day. To hit on the money spot, you’ll need to put in the SEO tricks in order to get a high number of views. Here, we will now talk about some of the steps that can be used:

Usage of target keywords

The primary stage in almost any SEO plan is to conduct keyword analysis and research. Using keywords to tailor your media content keeps it fresh and makes it easier for these search engines to locate it. It is usually suggested to focus your video on one term or 1 phrase. Before publishing a video, question  yourself, “If this video would rank #1 for one word or template, what would that word be?” This would help you to determine and decide your target word.  Include this keyword in your:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Hashtag

Retain your viewers

The timescale for which your viewers are invested in your content is referred to as audience retention or viewer retention. The longer the view rate, the higher will be your rank. This is because more watch time on your video will convince the Youtube algorithm that your content is appropriate and relevant. To maintain higher viewer retention, try to keep your video focused on the theme from inception to delivery. This will prevent viewers from clicking away once the video has commenced. You may also give people a reason to stick around till the end of the video by offering them some sort of incentive or a giveaway. This will eventually result in higher watch time and help your video reach a better and higher rank.

Enhanced audience engagement with your video content

Alongside viewer retention, the ranking of your video on this platform is determined by how users interact with it. The above refers to how many likes, comments, and shares you have managed to gain on the video. It also depends on the number of subscribers you got because of the video.  As per Youtube ranking parameters, the more interaction and engagement your video generates, the better it will rank. Hence, we suggest that you encourage your viewers to like, comment, and subscribe to your videos to enhance interaction.

Along with this, promote your video on other social media platforms too such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Once your video develops a healthy engagement with your viewers, Youtube will recognise that your video is more relevant to Youtube users and will give it a higher ranking.

Last but not the least, if you desire to get a good rank for your video, make sure to make a video that fills in the current trends. People tend to watch videos based on things that have been trending on the Internet lately. And once you’ve finished editing your video, apply these Youtube SEO tactics to help it rank quickly on YouTube.

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