In everything they do, today’s generation seeks creativity and distinctiveness. People in this fast-changing world never stop learning, and they view every day as an opportunity to learn something new, whether it is through their academics or a hobby. The way individuals learn has completely changed because of YouTube. People used to study from educational establishments, books, and educators in the past. All offline learning has been changed into online learning since the arrival of COVID.

Learning has become more enjoyable and engaging thanks to YouTube. When it comes to education, YouTube covers a wide range of topics including dancing, cooking, art, and craft, making, and repairing, makeup, and much more. People currently prefer to learn online via YouTube since it allows them to do so from the convenience of their own homes. YouTube has also made learning accessible to people of all ages. In these difficult times, everyone has realised that YouTube has become a generation’s teacher. You can always start studying via YouTube, no matter how old you are, where you reside, or what you want to learn.

It is advantageous to both YouTubers and learners. YouTube educators create short, engaging, and interesting videos, which makes studying simpler for students who have never experienced this type of learning in a traditional classroom. The most significant advantage is that you can educate as many people as you want from a single location, which is nearly impossible to do when teaching offline. Technology has accomplished what no one could have predicted. YouTube has been a boon to everyone, particularly the kids and the next generation. Today, everyone is studying everything, which not only makes a person more knowledgeable, but it also makes them more creative.



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