Instagram is the most popular social networking platform, allowing you to engage with your followers in a unique way. Instagram just launched a new feature called Reels, which allows you to upload stories and posts. While uploading a video to your account, you may either record one or add one from your gallery and modify it with the editing abilities and filters offered. You should also include an appropriate song or audio track for your video. Nowadays, it is common to hear that a piece of music or audio is popular for a specific time. On Instagram, every second user takes the same audio and creates reels with it. So, here’s a simple introduction to finding, saving, and using audio files for your reels.

How to find and save audio tracks?

Go to the reels section of your Instagram account and start scrolling through the reels until you discover the music you wish to use. When you get the reel, you’ll notice a small music icon at the bottom of the reel with the song’s name and singer. When you tap on it, a new screen appears, displaying all the reels created with that music.

How to use that audio in your reels?

When you find that audio, you’ll be given the choice of including that audio into your reel right away or saving it for when you’re ready to shoot it. Go to your Instagram profile and tap the three lines symbol on the right side of the top of the page to find the audio you’ve saved. You’ll notice a “stored” option there, which will display all your previously saved audio. So, when you’re ready to start making the reel, you can use the audio. Additionally, this will assist you in remaining on trend, increase your popularity, and allow you to expand your Instagram handle.

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