LinkedIn has become a massive social media platform in some time. Approximately, 1 billion people have been connected and communicated with each other in the last year. The content that is being shared over LinkedIn acquires research or display of work. Many people over LinkedIn share work, recent activities, and experiences, or research on a specific domain. Now arises a question, for this extensive research and expertise, what is to be served for the audience in order to gain engagement. Let us have a look at How can we make more engaging content on LinkedIn.
1. Look for your niche. If your niche is unique and creative. This in turn helps in making you stand out in competition and makes you the leader of your domain. Additionally, it also helps in the creation of new content for your audience.
2. Check out the preferences of your target audience: Research about the targeted audience group and know their preferences. After researching well regarding the likes and dislikes of the audience. Plan high-quality content.
3. Strategically plan the content: As researching about the audience gives a glimpse of their likes and dislikes. Strategize your content and serve as and when required. Plan out potential topics, dates, and media type.
4. Use Data analytics: LinkedIn provides regular information regarding your creations and postings. Analyze your content views and check if it is reaching the correct audience group.
5. Keep engaging with other posts as well for better reach.
6. The best times to post and keep the engagement in pace are 10-2 pm and 5-6 pm on weekdays.
7. Use relevant tags and hashtags.
8. Ensure an authentic and reliable profile.

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