Facebook will remove four information fields from user profiles starting December 1. The four fields, which include relationship status, interests, and custom networks, will no longer be displayed on profiles.

The move comes as part of Facebook’s effort to streamline the user experience and focus on core features. The company has been gradually removing features over the past few years that it deems non-essential.

The decision to remove the four fields was made after a review of user feedback and usage data. Facebook says that most users don’t actively use these fields and that the information is readily available elsewhere on the site.

The removal of these fields will simplify profile pages and make them less cluttered. Facebook says it is always evaluating its products and features and may add or remove items based on feedback from users.

What’s changing: four information fields to be removed?

A change is coming to Facebook-owned Instagram that will soon notify users whenever someone takes a screenshot of their Stories. The new feature was first spotted by social media analyst Matt Navarra, who tweeted screenshots of the notice sent by Facebook to users.

The notice says, “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see,” followed by a smiling emoji with sunglasses. It’s not yet clear when the new feature will be rolled out to all users, but it’s likely that it will be implemented soon.

The news of this upcoming change has been met with mixed reactions on social media. Some users are concerned about their privacy being violated, while others think it’s a good way to deter people from taking screenshots of sensitive information. What do you think?

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