It’s not a product or service that has slack, it’s branding and marketing. And with social media, even the dullest of businesses have an opportunity to spice things up. When it comes to marketing you need to focus on how you’re selling your products instead of what you’re selling. There’s always an opportunity to delight, excite and inform your audience on social media. In this article we will tell you how to revitalize your social media brand promotions impactfully. Lets go!

Ways to refurbish your brand promotion on social media

Narrate your story

Human brains are wired to connect with narratives so channel your inner storyteller and get going. It could be a tweet, a long caption or even better visuals. You could top it up with personal letters to your audience, memes, informational posts and product intel. You could also create a series. A recurring feature not only helps round out your social media content calendar it also gives followers a reason to come back regularly for more content they love.

Enlighten your audience 

Whether your content runs more towards the goofy or the serious end of the spectrum, it never hurts to share clear and helpful information. Show how to get the most out of your product, reveal some interesting company history or correct a misconception about your industry. If your audience scrolls by and learns something, that’s a win. Offer content that acts as a service, and your value will be crystal clear.

Go behind-the-scenes 

There’s something fascinating about seeing the nuts-and-bolts of a business, so if you’re able to give followers a peek behind the curtain, they’ll love it. Stand out from the crowd by being creative. Spotlight what makes your company or office unique, highlight employees’ accomplishments or talents, and generally brag about what a fun crew you’re working with.

Be authentic

There’s a lot of artifice and posturing on social media, for sure.  But that’s exactly why you should embrace authenticity. It’s exciting to see a brand get real and raw. Be honest and transparent, create content that’s meaningful and you’ll build trust with your audience over time. Repurposing user-generated content  is always a nice way to reward loyal fans with a little piece of the spotlight, and offers social proof that might just encourage on-the-fence lurkers to make a purchase.

Conduct Q&As, contests and polls 

Your audience probably has a few questions that they would like for an expert to tackle. Host AMAs, go Live, etc. This helps you engage with your audience as well as clears their queries. Host a contest for a giveaway either of your own product or service, or something from a related business and watch the word spread like a wildfire. A poll is a great, low-barrier way for even the shyest of fans to weigh in on an issue and join the conversation. Polls can ask for customer feedback on the latest product, gauge interest in a new service or even just get people to pick a side.

Influencer marketing

Invite someone interesting to boost your reputation. Partner with an influencer or an influential community member for a social media takeover, product collaborations or even a virtual interview or conversation.


Sharing the lows along with the highs is so important. Whether your own or from your core demographic being more human can be a bonding moment.

Get on trending topics 

There’s always a fresh trending topic or current event to weigh in on. Watch out for them. Figure out what your audience is going on and on about, and chime in on the conversation. Or, scope out trending hashtags to dive into a broader discussion.


Create great content, and it won’t matter how somber your actual product is. Hope this helps.

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