Social media platforms harbour all kinds of energies and dynamics where it has provided a large dimension to many individuals out here to create, shift and expand their brands, businesses and lives altogether. However, with the kind of population and competition out there on social media, it is imperative to keep up with sincerity and values. 


Even though there is all kinds of content being created and shared out there along with numerous distinct ways, it is still a bright idea to stick to your roots and ethics so that you can represent your ideas and brand authentically all the while sticking to your core beliefs. It is wise to maintain ethics on the platforms because it keeps the platform safe, welcoming and appropriate. Especially as an Influencer or a content creator, your influence becomes even more important as there is a huge audience looking up to you and following you. Thus, it falls on your way and content to stick to ethics to lead them properly.

Here is a list of a few important Ethics to maintain on social media platforms- 


Putting factually correct information- 

It befalls on you to only share information that is correct and accurate so that you do not end up creating any chaos, or sharing anything incorrect with your audience. Not to mention, it becomes even more imperative if you have a huge following because users start to believe almost everything they see and read on social media thus it is your responsibility and an ethic to only share correct and checked information on your profile. 


Not misleading any followers- 

It is an imperative ethic to maintain where you create a safe space for your followers where they can communicate and engage in a welcoming zone. Misleading them with any kind of information, tips or hacks will be unethical which should not be done under any cost. Misleading your followers just for the sake of clicks or follows should be the last thing that you should be resorting to. 

Being sensitive, considerate and polite- 

Putting out content which is sensitive and considerate should always be taken care of and pulled through because content on social media tends to influence, affect and impact the audience much more severely than anticipated. Be highly aware of the surroundings, time and circumstances going around because anything can trigger or create issues under no time. Be polite and considerate while putting out any sensitive messages or posts. Be sure to highlight and mention a “Trigger warning”, “TW” so that users can brace themselves before viewing your content. 


Do not promote violence, bullying and hate- 

Do not create posts or anything that goes against the community guidelines but above that also be sure to not promote anything that captures hate or negativity or fuels a conversation that can severely impact or negatively push your audience. Be mindful of your content and make sure it aligns with the guidelines of the platforms. 


Few other points that should be taken care of is not bullying others, spamming anyone, putting out derogatory comments and not following the guidelines. Make sure to keep the social media platform safe and appropriate so that your audience can feel welcomed and positive after viewing your content. 

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