In order to get famous you have to create something which is out of the box, you need to be very creative that your blogs may stand out of the crowd. So here are 7 ways you can follow to make your Blog unique :

1. Establish your unique viewpoint – You need not to copy other’s viewpoint you have to establish your own unique viewpoint. You should create a content in such manner that it looks very attractive and different from others.
2. Relate your content with human story – Your content should be very general and which can relate to normal human lives. This will make your Blog more connecting and interactive to general audience.
3. Show behind the scenes – Behind the scenes throw a good impact of the channel. People love watching how you shoot the videos and what hard work and efforts you are putting into your blogs and videos. So this should be humorous and attractive.
4. Nail the design and layout – If you are talking about pictures, you should really show them the most beautiful picture everytime. You can edit and beautify the pictures so that people get attractive towards it and you can grab the attention.
5. Release your post on time – Now that you are a blogger than you have to be responsible. You cannot let your audience wait for your post. So you need to keep them updated about the blogs and release your post on the given time.
6. Make your blog mobile friendly – Mobile phones are too common these days and so advance that it can give a solution for every computer work, so you have to make your Blog mobile friendly that it can be easily visible and be clear on mobile phones.
7. Start conversation with your viewers – Go interact with your readers or viewers as much as you can. This way you can get their point of view and find a solution about the next content. If you will work from them they will really appreciate you. So you can start polling and sessions on your social media handles to interact with them.

ideas to make your blog stand out of the crowd
Mobile friendly blog
communicate with your viewers
Behind the scenes content

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