Beauty Blogs are the blogs attracted more by women, as this basically includes Fashion, Makeup, Fitness or whatever you are in lo e with. You need to show some trending beauty looks and trending dressing style etc. on your beauty blog. So, now we will be discussing about how to start a successful Beauty Blog :

1. THE BASICS – You firstly need to get your own domain name and hosting and that’s how you will be starting writing your blog. WordPress is one of the most popular and successful site where you can write your blogs and publish them. This is a site that only holds blog posts so you can start your journey from this platform.

2. Myths about Beauty blogging –
a. Running your blog is expensive – As peoe say that running a blog is very expensive but it’s not so you can even create a blog absolutely for free or at a very low price as you just need a camera to shoot your blog. You need some good makeup and styling things which makes you look attractive. So, running your blog is not at all expensive.
b. It’s hard and confusing to set up – There is nothing confusing and hard while making a blog. You just need to hold that confidence inside you and be a good manager where you manages all your requirements and set up your mind for shooting a blog.
c. It’s impossible to make money from small blogs – People are making good money from blogging these days. First of all when you are writing your blog you are your own boss, you need not to follow any body’s instructions and you have the freedom to write about anything and you can easily monetize your channel. Once you have good views on your blog you will surely earn good money from blogs.

3. What a beauty blog should be about?
Beauty blogs should include following things –
° Reviews – You can give reviews to the viewers about the beauty products you are using which can be beneficial to your viewers.
° Makeup Artistry – If you know well about makeup, the you can show up your skills and looks in your blog.
° Budget Beauty – You can set up a budget and use affordable products in order to impress your viewers and be real in front of them.
° Nail – If you know how to polish the nails and some skills about nail art and extensions you should surely show that in your content.

Equipments you need for your blog –
There a re basic equipments you need while shooting a video-
° Camera – You would need a basic DSLR camera or iPhone. Some bloggers also use their phone’s camera.
° Photoshop – It is a basic editing, you should edit your pictures so that they may look more attractive.
° Natural Light – Whenever you are shooting pictures or videos you should take care of lights as it is very necessary for your blog to be clear.

Your Domain name – You need to be very creative while searching for your Domain name. It has to be very attractive and descriptive towards your content. You have to be unique and interesting. Also your domain name should be memorable and brandable above all.

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