Blogging is not an easy task, it’s difficult to achieve success easily if you are a blogger. Firstly you need to be creative while thinking of a blog, you should only choose trending topics or topics which has not been used. You need to be good at your language and should research before writing about the topic. You need to very hard working and carry much patience to face all the problem. Here are some points you can follow about how to start blogging in India.

1. Your own Hobby
If you are creating a content and thinking to make a video for the first time then you must think to shoot about your own hobby. For example if you like to make arts and crafts, then you can make videos creating some craft work and show people your talent. Whenever you are making a blog keep in mind your first priority should be your hobby because you are good at it and you like doing that. Blogs and videos are just for fun, so you should make videos on which you are also having fun. As if you think these blog as your job then you will get bore easily and will not enjoy it, but if you make it on your hobby then you will enjoy and let people also enjoy as it will give you best results. Moreover you need to make an interesting content being a little creative so that it can attract more and more viewers to your profile.

2. Health Niche
Blogs on health related topics are very less as people do not prefer to make such videos that’s why it has such a less competition. You can start making your blogs on health by doing a good research on internet, you can make blogs related to reducing fat, making muscles etc. and tell your audience what they can eat in different scenarios. Since it does not have a huge market and less competition so people can easily view your video, you just need to give them the correct information with good captions dn thumbnail so that people can easily get attracted.

3. Technology Niche
From 2014 technology niche has come into power and has grown immensely as technology these days are very advance and growing day to day, though it has a good competition but you can achieve success if you have a good content related to it. You can give a huge description about a new technology launch whether it can be mobile phones, computer, laptop etc. You can shoot an unboxing video of the latest gadget and can upload it. Many people watch the videos before e buying a new gadget which tells them about the descriptions, advantages, functions and features about the gadget. So you can have a progress while creating such topics.

4. Food Niche Blog
These days food blogging has really stood out in a great way, people who love eating and who love to try different cuisines are making blogs and getting famous. You can also start such blogs where you can tell people about your food, that what are you eating, where can you find that food, in which restaurant are you? These blogs are really interesting, you can also upload your reviews on Zomato and can get free food and you can write a blog about that. People blogging about food are really interesting and happy people. They are getting good food as well as good followers. So this is another good topic for you to start blogging.

5. Career Guidence
You can start blogging about giving advice about the careers for the students who just passed their schooling. These students needs a counselor, also there are many field which students and parents both are not aware of, you can give informations about that. You can tell them their benefits according to their streams to make them aware, as every student do not want to become engineer or doctor, they wanted to try something new and you can show them the way, through this you will be ae to get good views and subscribers, but your content should be informative and descriptive enough.

These are some blogging topics which you can start with to get good followers and subscribers.

Best topic for your blog
food niche blog
Technology niche blog
Career niche blog
Health niche blog

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