Instagram is a very popular platform to interact with people. You can show up your talent, your creativity and can easily grab the attention of many people. Here are some steps you should follow to be unique and Attentive on Instagram.

1. Produce good content and stick to your Theme – You should create a content with a general topic, you need to be very specific and choosy while taking a topic and describe it in a very interesting way. Be unique and advance which describes your personality and attract many people. Moreover do not get distracted from your theme, stick to it otherwise your content will get messed up.

2. Be Regular – Longer breaks can result into loosing your followers. You have to be regular, you can decide the days and update your followers about the days when you will upload your videos or blogs so that they may not wait for you. You should also be regular to your social media handles so that you always pop on audience mind.

3. Be Responsive – You have to now be a responsible person as you have some responsible position, you are now entertaining your audience and you have this responsibility to entertain them and earn good money. You have to grab attention and should interact with them. You should reply them all the time and never ignore them as they are your first priority. You should interact with them on daily basis on your social media handles to grab a constant attention.

4. Be social and use Hashtags – You have be forever active on social media and should know what’s going around you. You should be active and reactive too to grab the attention. Hashtags are really necessary to spread your content, Hashtags allow you to reach all your targeted audience. So you should always use relevant and popular Hashtags.

5. Talk about your blog – You should always talk about your blog, you should mention your profile name and link on your personal profile so that it may get easy for people to reach your blog.

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