The time of the day you publish your blog has a big impact on the popularity of your profile. You should always post your content when you see your viewers are online and you can target maximum number of your audience. So here we will discuss about the timings and days you will get a good traffic for your blog.

At what time you should publish your blog articles?
After a big research regarding the time, it has been found that the best time to publish your blog post should be 9:30am to 11am USA East coast time. This is the time when large number of people come online. You must be thinking why 9:30am, why not 9am? This is because early time people are busy checking their e-mails and their feeds. You should always make an effort that your post shouldnt be the first post on one’s computer, they should see your post while online. This is a technique to grab good attention of the viewers.
If your blog is about funny things and entertaining then you can post at the end of the East coast time, as people are finished with their work and tend to share and watch entertaining and funny blogs.

What would be the best day to publish the post?
Now when it comes to the day, according to the research it has been found that the best days to publish your blog posts are Tuesday and Wednesday. We see many websites have a huge traffic on Tuesday and Wednesday as it’s in the mid of the week and people wants to find more new interesting things then there work. So you should always upload your content either or Tuesday or on Thursday. This will grab more attention from many new subscribers and followers and it will be easy for you to get the fame and name easily.


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