Writing is not an easy task, you have to be very particular and descriptive. You can only become a famous writer if you know how to describe your emotions or thoughts into words. Here are some steps which you can follow in order to become a famous writer.

1. Make writing your hobby – You can only be sure about becoming a writer if you make it as your hobby, you can only write if you are interested. So you have to be sure first that you have to be a writer.

2. Read as many books – Try to read as many books as you can, you should research about your content to gain knowledge and read books to increase your vocabulary and writing skills.

3. Create a ten page book on subjects you like – You need to create a ten page book on all the subjects that you enjoy as you can research about it and write about it further.

4. Write often – Donot take longer breaks as it will loose your interest in writing, you should write on daily basis to maintain a constant speed and interest.

5. Write! – Write about all the interesting topic you have read and give your thoughts and opinions about it. This will increase your knowledge and strengthen your decision making power.

6. Try to expand your vocabulary – Take up a dictionary and try to learn and grab new words as well as their meaning and use them when you are writing on correct places.

These are some steps one should follow to become a famous writer.

reading too many books

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